Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Unit 4. Lesson 7

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Choose the right answer.
1. Litter is rubbish which people drop in the streets.
2. Recycling is using litter again
3. A fine is a) the money you pay if you do something bad
4. Air pollution is dangerouse because you can’t breathe
5. Pollution c)can kill people
6. There will be no air without c) forests
7. A plastic bottle lasts c) forever
8. Greenpeace is an organization that protects the environment
Fill in the gaps with these words.
There is one extra word.
Our promise
The people of the Earth will protect their planet.
We will build special factories and recycle our rubbish.
Children will not drop litter and will help clean the forest.
We will never forget to turn on the electricity and water.
What mustn’t people do on the campsite? Write 3—4 sentences. Look at the picture for ideas.
People mustn’t drop litter.
People mustn’t cut the trees.
People mustn’t go by car through the fields.
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