Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Unit 5. Lesson 2

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Выпишите из текста:
1. — утвердительные предложения в Past Progressive и Past Simple
When you phoned
I was watching the snowdrifts grow
I was watching the snow
I was flying with snow in the sky
I was having a magical time
I was doing a very exciting thing
2. — отрицательные предложения в Past Progressive
Why were not sitting at home?
I wasn’t walking my funny cat
And I wasn’t using the Internet
And I wasn’t watching a boring film
You weren’t on the phone.
3. — общие вопросы в Past Progressive W
ere you walking your funny cat?
Were you using the Internet?
Were you watching a film with Friends?
4. — специальные вопросы в Past Progressive
Why were you sitting at home?
What were you doing?
Here are the answers. Write the questions.
Olga: What were you doing when I called?
Masha: I was sleeping when you called.
Olga: What was Mum doing at the time?
Masha: Mum was cooking dinner at the time.
Olga: Were you watching TV at 8 p.m. yesterday?
Masha: Yes, I was watching TV at 8 p.m. yesterday.
Olga: Was your brother watching TV at 8 p.m. yesterday?
Masha: No, he wasn’t. My brother was reading a newspaper.
Olga: When did your brother arrive?
Masha: My brother arrived when I was having a breakfast.
Make sentences with the words. He забывайте, что обстоятельство места стоит перед обстоятельством времени.
She was washing up at five o’clock yesterday.
What were you doing on Sunday morning?
Who was singing in your room yesterday morning?
What was she buying in that shop yesterday evening?
When were they playing football?
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