Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 10. Lesson 2, 3

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Используйте в новых предложениях однокоренные части речи, указанные в скобках.
Somebody kidnapped Rob.
His Friends must find (noun) — His Friends must find the kidnapper.
Greenpeace is a big organization. They (verb) — a conference last week. — They organized a conference last week.
This writer is a bore. All his books are really (adj.) — All his books are really boring.
Angela translates from English into Russian. She is a very good (noun) – She is a very good translator.
My brother likes Mathematics. He wants to be a (noun). — He wants to be a mathematician.
I have a lot of Friends. Our (noun) — is the most important thing in my life. — Our Friendship is the most important thing in my life.
Put the sentences into the Present Simple or the Future Simple.
If my friend has a problem, I will not let down him.
If the weather is bad, we will stay at home.
You will not find Friends if you are selfish.
You will do this test easily if you listen to the teacher now.
If this film is boring, we will go to the park.
Find six mistakes and correct them.
Jack is mean. He never gives me very expensive presents.
My friend is a workaholic. He stays in the office until 8 o’clock.
Sue is very intelligent. She can read or write.
Jane is very bossy, she never listen to good advice.
Kate is the most polite girl I have ever met. She always says hello to people.
Alex is very brave. He always turns off the light in his room.
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