Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 6. Lesson 10

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Fill in the gaps with other; the other, another.
I have two pens. This one is not very good.
I think I should give the other.
The apples are very tasty. Can I have another one?
I have two sandwiches. One is with ham. Please give me the other one. I don’t like ham.
Children’s books are boring. You don’t have to read them. There are other books in the bookcase.
Do you want to go camping with us? No, thank you. I have other hobbies.
Look at the children and give them advice about their table manners.
1. You should use a knife.
2. You should sit straight.
3. You shouldn’t talk.
4. You should wash your hands.
5. You should put a napkin on your lap.
Complete the sentences.
St David’s is a public school.
In St David’s everybody has to wear uniform.
The pupils are polite to the teachers.
Some boys bully to Robin.
The teachers are very strict.
If the teacher is not happy with you, you can get a detention.
What do you know about public schools?
These schools are for the rich and talented.
The most famous public school in England are Eton and Harrow. Prince William, the son of Prince Charles and Princes Diana was the Eton College student.
A year at Eton costs J17 000.
Not everybody has to pay a lot of money. If you have special talents you can get a scholarship.
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