Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 7. Lesson 1

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Copy the table and fill it in.
I form II form III form
come came come
play played played
go went gone
see saw seen
do did done
understand understood understood
fly flew flown
buy bought bought
think thought thought
catch caught caught
like liked liked
be was, were been
leave left left
get got got
sing sang sung
drop dropped dropped
eat ate eaten
dance danced danced
write wrote written
Put the verbs in the Present Perfect
Translate into Russian
1. Mary has opened the window.
Мэри открыла окно.
2. The teacher has given us a lot of Homework.
Учитель дал нам много домашней работы.
3. I have phoned my Granny.
Я позвонил своей бабушке.
4. You have read this book.
Ты прочитал эту книгу.
5. We have made a very nice picture.
Мы сделали очень красивую картинку.
Перепишите полученные предложения, записав глаголы have, has в сокращенной форме.
Mary’s opened the window.
The teacher’s given us a lot of Homework.
I’ve read this book.
You’ve read this book.
We’ve made a very nice picture.
Распределите глаголы в зависимости от чтения окончания — ed.
[d] – answered agreed organized cleaned dialed arrived
[t] – cooked liked switched dropped asked picked watched packed walked
[id] – greeted polluted wanted celebrated decorated protected
Найдите I и IIIформы глаголов и выпишите получившиеся пары.
fall — fallen go – gone build — built take — taken do — done be — been cut — cut buy — bought drink — drunk speak — spoken see — seen forget — forgotten put — put
Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect form of the verbs in brackets.
He has not called his friend.
Misha has written a letter to his sister.
The children have cleaned the forest.
She has not walked the dog.
They have bought a new computer.
I have left the book at home.
Here is Mrs Morrison’s plan for the day. Write: What has she done ? What hasn’t she done ?
She has made a cake.
She has bought a present.
She has written a letter.
She has decorated the house.
She hasn’t walked the dog.
She hasn’t turned off TV set.
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