Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 7. Lesson 2

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Look at the pictures and write.
1. Alexey has just eaten his launch. Ivan hasn’t eaten his launch yet.
2. Natasha has just washed her hair. Olga hasn’t washed her hair yet.
3. Boris has done his Homework. Marina hasn’t done her Homework yet.
4. Helen has done the shopping. John hasn’t done the shopping yet.
5. Mark has seen a new film. Tom hasn’t seen a new film yet.
6. Fred has read the book. Kate hasn’t read the book yet.
Rewrite the sentences. Use the words yet, already, just.
I’ve written already a letter to my friend.
The children haven’t learned the song yet.
She’s just called her friend.
They haven’t bought a new computer yet.
She’s just called me.
Translate from Russian into English.
They have already translated this text.
He has not done his Homework yet.
I have just called Masha.
Mum has already cooked dinner.
Complete the sentences.
I can’t phone my friend, because I have lost his phone number.
He can’t play, because he has not cleaned his room.
She is hungry, because her Mum has not cooked dinner.
He is happy, because his friend has sent an e-mail.
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