Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 7. Lesson 6

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Make questions and answer them. Use never, already, yet.
Have you ever built a house? — No, I have never built a house.
Have you ever seen a tiger? — Yes, I have already seen a tiger.
Have you ever been to China? — I have never been to China.
Have you ever been to Turkey? — Yes, I have been to Turkey.
Have you bought pizza? — Yes, I have already bought pizza.
Have you ever caught a fish? — No, I have never caught a fish.
Have you ever driven a car? — Yes, I have already driven a car.
Have you ever eaten pizza? — Yes, I have already eaten pizza.
Have you ever found a treasure? — No, I have never found a treasure.
Have you ever gone to America? — No, I have never gone to America.
Have you ever read the book “Oliver Twist”? -Yes, I have already read the book “Oliver Twist”.
Have you ever spoken Japanese? — No, I have never spoken Japanese.
Translate into English.
Have you ever been to England?
She has never used Internet.
Have you ever jumped with a parachute?
Their team has never lost.
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