Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 8. Lesson 1, 2

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Translate from Russian into English.
They built a house last year.
He has already seen his friend today.
This year I have already got six good marks.
Father has just brought fruit.
Last year I red two English books.
Use the Present Perfect or Past Simple.
Where did you find the key?
He was in Africa last year.
Ha has already seen this film.
I did not see him this week.
They have never met this man.
Write the sentences in the Present Perfect.
I’ve just bought this book.
They’ve never seen the stone of Destiny. Their team has played a football match. She’s never spoken to an Englishman.
Translate into English?
Have you ever seen a tiger? — Yes, I have. When did you see it? — I saw it in the Zoo. When did you see it? — I saw it this summer.
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