Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 8. Lesson 5

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Fill in the gaps and complete the sentences.
It was a very interesting game.
Everybody thought “It will be a draw”, because five minutes before the end the score was nil — nil. The Bears played brilliantly, and the Tigers were nervous. The Bears couldn’t score because the Tigers’ goalkeeper was very good. Stabber made some fantastic saves.
But the Tigers couldn’t score, because their forward wasn’t with them.
In the beginning Misha Inin was not very good, but in the end he ran towards the Bears’ goal, dodged their defenders, kicked the ball and scored! In the next game Misha will be a defender.
Fill in the gaps with a, an, or (no article).
What an interesting trip!
What a beautiful city!
What a tasty food!
What a day!
What a move!
What a boring film!
What clever pupils!
What a clever boy!
What an interesting match!
What tasty tea!
What good Friends!
What bad weather!
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