Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 9. Lesson 2, 3

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Complete the sentences.
Robert Falcon Scott was a sea-officer.
Roald Amundsen was a famous traveller.
Roald Amundsen went to Antarctic from Norway.
Scott left England in 1910.
Scott wanted to be the first man on the South Pole.
Put the verbs in brackets in the right tense form.
Robert Scott had a dream, because he had been to the Antarctic before.
Before he went to the South Pole, he had planned the route.
Scott knew about Amundsen who also had gone to the Antarctic.
Very quickly Scott understood that he had made a lot of mistakes.
When Scott and his men got to the South Pole, they saw that they had lost the race.
Make questions. Start with the words in brackets.
He had phoned his friend before he went to the theatre. (What?) — What had he done before he went to the theatre?
He had a stomachache because he had eaten a lot of cakes. (Why?) — Why had he a stomachache?
When she received a telegram her brother had already left. (Had?) – Had her brother already left when she received a telegram?
I couldn’t send an e-mail because I had lost her address. (What?) — What couldn’t I do because I had lost her address?
Translate the sentences. Use the verbs: arrive, leave, pay, eat, go, read, phone, forget.
When he came, the guests had already eaten the cake.
She couldn’t pay because she had left money at home.
Before she went to Moscow, she had read the book about it.
He couldn’t phone us because he had forgotten our phone number.
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