Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 9. Lesson 4

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Open the brackets and fill in the gaps with the right tenses.
Mother Teresa was bom in 1910 in Macedonia.
She was a Catholic nun.
She has opened the charity missions.
Many people wanted to help her and start the missions in many other parts of the world. These days the missions help the poor and the sick.
Bill Gates is from Seattle. He has started Microsoft. It is the biggest and most successful computer company in the world. When he was thirteen, Bill Gates went to an expensive private school. After that Bill Gates went Harvard University, but he left. Before the University Bill Gates had started his company Microsoft. Today he is a multimillionaire.
I learnt about him from the film “Braveheart”. He lived in Scotland in the thirteenth century. When he was about twenty, English soldiers came to Scotland and a war started. The English killed Scottish women and children. They wanted all the Scottish land. William and his @CHP04 = Friends were soldiers. They did not give up. Wallace was very young when he died. The English executed him.
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