Кауфман, 7. Учебник. Unit 1. Lesson 5

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Read and put the verbs in brackets in the right form.
Cute: Hi, Boss! A horrible thing happened! I can’t find the top secret document!
Boss: I don’t believe it! I put it into your bag!… Did you show it to anybody?
Cute: No! Of course, I didn’t.
Boss: Did you tell this lady about the trasure?
Cute: Yes, I am afraid I did.
Boss: Did she tell you her name?
Cute: Yes. Her name is Minnie Mouse!
Boss: You are pulling my leg!
Cute: What’s wrong with the name?
Boss: The lady gave you a false name! Minnie Mouse is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend and they are cartoon characters. You lost the top secret document and our clients are in danger. It is a catastrophe.
Cute: But, Boss, I’ll find the lady.
Boss: No, Cute, you can’t do that. You are fired!
Match the underlined sentences with the expressions from the box.
1. – c
2. — b
3. — f
4. – d
5. — e
6. — a
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