Кауфман, 7. Учебник. Unit 2. Lesson 4

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Rewrite these sentences.
The matches are theirs.
The camera is mine.
The mosquito is yours.
The tents are ours.
The mattress is his.
The camping stove is hers.
Rewrite these sentences.
Peggy’s backpack is lighter than mine.
The weather today is worse than yesterday.
This house is smaller than that one.
This picture is cheaper than that one.
The Black Sea is colder than the Red Sea.
The cauldron is cleaner than that one.
Fill in the gaps with as … as or not as … as
This exercise is not as difficult as that one.
The film was not as good as the book.
My friend’s cat is as funny as mine.
Those shoes are as comfortable as those ones.
His backpack is as heavy as yours.
Choose the right word.
Is that your pen?
That pen is mine.
That ball isn’t his.
Is your dress as old as hers?
Their flat is as small as ours.
Our teacher was as good as theirs.
Find the mistakes.
My bag is as clean as hers.
This book is as interesting as that one.
His brother is older than hers.
Your mistakes are as bad as mine.
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