Кауфман, 7. Учебник. Unit 3. Lesson 4, 5

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Read Sasha’s story again, fill in the gaps and answer the questions.
Where did he go to?
He went to St. Petersburg Where did he stay?
He stayed in Peterhof.
What did he see?
He saw the beautiful fountains and palaces.
What was the weather like?
The weather was very nice.
What did he promise to his Friends?
He promised to send postcards.
How many postcards did he write?
He wrote thirty-five postcards.
Read Olga’s story again. Here are the answers. Write the questions.
Where did they go?
Where did they stay?
Did you like it there?
What was their room?
What was the sea?
What was the food?
What were the waiters?
What was the entertainment?
Why did they wake up at seven o’clock in the morning?
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