Кауфман, 7. Учебник. Unit 7. Lesson 5

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Make questions with the underlined words.
They haven’t packed their backpacks yet, because they were very tired. — Why haven’t they packed their backpacks yet?
He has just met his friend — Who has just met his friend?
The children have cleaned the forest. — What have the children done?
The boys have already put up all the tents. — What have the boys already put up?
They have built в. new house. — What have they done?
Misha has applied for a visa. — Who has applied for a visa?
The girls have picked up a lot of flowers. — What have the girls picked up?
Correct the mistakes.
He has just written a letter.
We have seen a very interesting film.
He has read a lot of books.
They have played many games already.
They have been to England.
Write true or false sentences about things you’ve done.
I have seen the London Eye.
I have been in America.
I have swum in the Pacific Ocean.
I have travelled in time.
I have spoken to the Queen.
I have flown in the sky.
I have lived in a castle.
Match the questions and the answers.
Is that your new dress? – b) No, I haven’t found one yet.
Have you read this book? — c) No, I’ve just bought it.
What have you already done? — a) I’ve washed up the dishes.
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