Кауфман, 7. Учебник. Unit 8. Lesson 5

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Translate into Russian.
Какой красивый дом!
Какая хорошая идея!
Какие хорошие новости!
Какие интересные книги!
Complete the sentences with words from the brackets.
The Tigers were nervous.
The Bears played brilliantly.
The Bears didn’t give up easily.
Stabber made some fantastic saves.
Misha quickly ran back towards his goal.
Translate the dialogue into English.
Did you see the final?
No, what’s the score?
One — nil.
Who won?
The Tigers.
The Tigers. I can’t believe it.
Yes, their goalkeeper made several saves.
And who scored?
Misha Inin from Russia.
But he was a defender.
Yes, he was. But he is a natural forward.
The Tigers beat the Bears. That’s fantastic!
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