Кауфман, 7. Учебник. Unit 8. Lesson 6, 7

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Match the sentences and the translations.
1. — c
2. – d
3. — a
4. – b
Заполните таблицу предложениями из упр. 5
Прошедшее время – Предпрошедшее время
Не saw a horrible thing. – They had broken their promise to King Arthur.
In an hour everything was over. – The soldiers from the last English ship had killed all his family.
At the moment Bjorn looked at the ring at his finger. – The Vikings had burnt the last English ship and had come to the English shore.
The ring had saved his life.
Choose the right answer.
1. — a
2. — a
3. — b
4. — b
5. — b
6. — a
Make questions for these answers.
What was his name?
Where did he live?
What did he see one morning?
What did his father do?
Why was his mother angry?
What did Bjorn’s father give him?
Where did the Vikings go to?
Who killed Bjorn’s family?
Where did Bjorn want to go to?
Answer the questions and find the third key to the treasure.
What made the Vikings the Kings of the sea?
The ships.
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