Кауфман, 7. Учебник. Unit 9. Lesson 2, 3

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Match the mottos and the translations.
1. – b
2. – c
3. — a
Answer the questions.
1. When did Scott leave England?
He left England on 15 June 1910.
2. Where did he go?
He went to the Antarctic.
3. How many men went with him?
Four men went with him.
4. When did he start the expedition?
Scott started the expedition on 1 November 1912.
5. How long did it take Scott to get the South Pole?
It took Scott half a year to get the South Pole.
6. Who was the first man at the South Pole?
Ronald Amundsen was the first man at the South Pole.
7. Whose flag did Scott see at the South Pole?
He saw a Norwegian flag.
8. Did Scott come back?
No, he didn’t.
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