Кауфман, 8. The Ring of Druids. Unit 2. Lessons 8, 9

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Choose the correct answers for the questions. Выберите правильные ответы на вопросы.
1 Кем была населена Англия в XII веке? d) всеми вышеперечисленными народами
2 Какой общественный строй существовал в Англии в XII веке? b) феодальный
3 Кто управлял Англией в XII веке? a) король норманн
4 На каком языке говорила в большинстве своем знать Англии в XII веке? b) на французском
Find in the diary and read out the descriptions of… Найдите в дневнике и зачитайте описания…
a) Robin Hood
His voice was nice, and he had the most handsome smile in the world.
b) Guy of Gisboumc
Lady Isabel’s favourite cousin is going to come for a visit. His name is Gisbourne. He isn’t very rich, but he’s a friend of the Sheriff of Nottingham and Lady Isabel is proud of him.
The feast was hoinble Lady Isabel put Guy of Gisbourne next to me. He blew Ins ird nose on the tablecloth, cleaned his teeth with a knife and look all the best pieces from the plate.
c) Marian’s mother
I like my mother. She is different from all the other women.
I know. She is brave and always says what she thinks. Mother comes from a noble Celtic-Saxon family. She says that there were kings and Druids in it. Unfortunately, it didn’t help Mother’s family when the Normans came. Her grandfather kept his land, but lost his power.
d) Marian’s father
My father is a Norman knight. Ten servants, fifty villagers and 100 acres of land is all he got from the King for his loyal services.
e) Prince John
Richard’s younger brother, John, is ruling England for him. John raises taxes higher and higher but he hasn’t paid the ransom for his brother yet. So maybe Mother is right. He simply doesn’t want to do it. Nobody likes John and his stupid, greedy French friends.
I hope King Richard will be back soon, and life will be easier for everybody.
f) King Richard the Lionheart
I have been thinking about King Richard. I’ve never seen him, but my father did. Together they went to the Holy Land and fought for Christ against heretics. It’s called the Crusades. Father says that King Richard is fair and brave. For his courage everybody calls him the Lionheart. Unfortunately, on his way back King Richard got into a trap, and now the Austrian emperor keeps him in prison. He wants a large ransom.
g) Life in Marian’s castle
So today was the usual boring day. I got up early and helped the maids sweep the floor in the great hall. After breakfast I had to spin with my mother and her women all day. It was only before dinner that I had some time, so I’m writing my diary.
Oh, I forgot. There was a hanging in Nottingham today, but we didn’t go. What a pity! Our family never goes to interesting events like that. Maybe that’s because Mother doesn’t like them. She gets very upset.
Today is the day when our villagers pay my father for the land which they hold from him. Those who have more land pay first. And at the end come the sheep boy, and the widow Megan who has no land but has to pay for her little cottage. This year the faces of the villagers were angry. They swore at my father when they paid. I don’t understand why. Did they have to pay more than usual?
What have you found out about medieval life? Что вы узнали о жизни в средние века?
1 How was the life of a village organized? — The lord lived in the castle and the villages lived on the land around it. The villagers paid their lord for the land which they held from him. The villages served the lord and the lord protected his villages and helped them.
2 Was the life of a lady easy? — No it wasn’t. The lady had to clean the castle, make food, spin and treat the sick.
3 How did people treat diseases? — They made ointments: mixed some sheep fat with some goose blood and dried frog. If somebody had a toothache they didn’t pull the tooth out, but put some garlic paste into the person’s mouth.
4 What kind of entertainment did they have? — They went to see hangings and shooting contests.
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