Кауфман, 8. The Ring of Druids. Unit 4. Lessons 8, 9

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Do the quiz. More than one answer can be correct. Ответьте на вопросы викторины. Правильными могут быть несколько ответов.
How much do you know about Scotland?
1 The capital of Scotland is b) Edinburgh
2 Nowadays Scotland is a) part of the United Kingdom
3 Scotland is situated b) in the north of the British Isles c) north of England
4 The symbol of Scotland is b) the thistle
5 The Stone of Destiny is a) the coronation stone for English kings c) the coronation stone for Scottish kings
6 Nowadays the Stone of Destiny is a) in Scotland
Answer the questions. Ответьте на вопросы.
1 Who is the main character of the story? — Douglas MacWizard is.
2 What was the duty of his clan? — The duty of his clan was to protect the Stone of Destiny.
3 Who was Dorell? — Dorell was a Druid and the head of the clan.
4 What couldn’t Douglas forgive Dorell for? — Douglas couldn’t forgive Dorell because he let king Edward take the sacred stone away.
5 How did Douglas and Robert the Bruce meet? — Douglas saved Robert’s life when Robert was running away from English soldiers.
6 What did Douglas think of Robert the Bruce? — Douglas didn’t like/respect him. He thought he was a dishonest and dangerous man.
7 What did Robert the Bruce give Douglas for his help? — He gave him his ring.
8 What happened in Scone Abbey on 25 March 1306? — Robert the Bruce was crowned and became the king of Scotland.
Match the name and the description of people, objects or places. Which information wasn’t mentioned in the story? Найдите соответствие между названием и описанием людей, предметов и мест. Какая информация не упоминалась в истории?
1 Robert the Bruce — King of Scotland who was crowned in 1306 in Scone Abbey.
2 Scone Abbey — The coronation place of Scottish kings.
3 William Wallace — A Scottish leader in the war for independence. After he lost the Battle of Falkirk, he hid in the Highlands. In 1305 he was captured and executed by the English in London.
4 Falkirk — The place where the English king, Edward I, beat the Scottish army.
5 Lia Fail — The sacred stone in Scone on which all Scottish monarchs had been crowned before. In 1296 it was stolen by Edward I.
6 Edward I — King of England who conquered Wales and tried to conquer Scotland.
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