Кауфман, 8. The Ring of Druids. Unit 5. Lessons 7, 8

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Put the events in the correct order. Расставьте события в правильном порядке.
1 Lia Fail was placed in Scone.
2 King Edward I started the war against Scotland.
3 Robert the Bruce left Wallace when he was needed.
4 William Wallace was beaten at Falkirk.
5 Robert the Bruce was crowned in Scone Abbey.
Write. What are the people in the pictures saying? Напишите, что говорят люди на картинках.
1 “Why are you kneeling? Are you going to ask for forgiveness?” “Yes, but I am asking it from God, not from the English king.”
2 “You’ve done a good thing. Douglas, because you’ve returned us the ring of our clan.”
“What ring? Our clan doesn’t have a ring.”
“Do you remember our clan motto?”
“Yes, I do. It’s Fight for the ring! Fight with the ring! Fight in the ring! But I have always thought that the word “ring” means the ring of brothers and sisters, all the members of the clan.”
“That’s not quite right. Five centuries ago our clan had a magic ring which protected and guided us but it was stolen. Since then we had been waiting for the return of the ring. Now you have it and our clan will rise again.”
“Thank you for your kind words, Dorell.”
“Don’t thank me yet. I have bad news for you too. You have taken that ring from someone who needs it more than us. The future of all Scotland is in Bruce’s hands. If he is killed, there’ll be no hope for our country.”
“Let him have it back if he wants it.”
“He won’t take it back. He doesn’t want to break a promise. So you’ll have to go with him and protect his life.”
“I’ll do no such thing! I won’t risk my life for Bruce, a murderer.”
“Oh, don’t worry about your life. The person who wears the ring will never be killed.”
3 “There is no duty anymore. We have lost Lia Fail and our clan is dishonoured.”
“You are wrong, young MacWizard, and now is the time for you to learn the truth. Four hundred years ago when Kenneth MacAlpine put the sacred stone on Moot Hill, a prophecy was made,
“Unless the fates shall faithless prove,
And prophet’s voice is vain.
Where this sacred Stone is found.
The Scottish people shall reign.”
“But the stone is now in England,” I whispered. “Does that mean … could that mean … that soon the Scots will reign in England?”
“You are clever, young MacWizard, your grandfather will be pleased when we tell him that, finally, you have understood! Yes, the Scottish kings will rule England one day. The prophecy has started to come true. Your family is connected with the stone.
You must wait and when it’s time to act, you’ll know.”
4 “The future of Scotland will he decided today. If any of you is not ready to win or die, leave now.”
Say true, false or no information. Ответьте правильно, неправильно или нет информации.
1 After Robert the Bruce’s coronation the war between Scotland and England was over. — False
2 Robert the Bruce’s family was captured by the English. — True
3 Douglas stayed with Robert the Bruce until 1328. — False
4 The Scots won their freedom at the Battle of Bannockburn. — True
5 The Scots fought for glory and land. — False
6 Douglas went home to talk to his grandfather. — False
7 At the funeral Douglas was alone because his family lived in England. — False
8 The Druids told Douglas about the ancient prophecy. — True
9 Dorell hadn’t told his grandson about the prophecy because they didn’t like each other. — No information
10 The prophecy never came true. No information
What did the ring do in this story? Do the crossword and get the sixth key to the treasure. Какова была роль кольца в этой истории? Решите кроссворд и получите шестой ключ к сокровищу.
The ring brought peace to the fighting folks.
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