Кауфман, 8. The Ring of Druids. Unit 6. Lessons 10, 11

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Who is it? Match the person and the description. Кто это? Найдите соответствие между человеком и описанием.
a) Anne Bolcyn
b) Mary Tudor
с) Catherine of Aragon
d) Henrу VIII
Find the horoscope which Edina’s father did for the King. Найдите изображение гороскопа, который выполнил для короля отец Эдины.
Picture 2 is correct.
Answer the questions. Ответьте на вопросы.
1 Who was Edina and what family did she come from? — Edina was a daughter of a famous Scottish astrologer MacWizard.
2 What did her father find out when he did the horoscope? — When her father did the horoscope, he found out: If the King meets the woman with long dark hair and six fingers on her hand, she will ruin his marriage with his wife Catherine and cause a lot of trouble, but in the end a Scottish king will come to the English throne.
3 What did her father give Edina? What was it for? — Her father gave Edina a gold ring, which was the biggest treasure of their family. The ring could protect Edina and save the life of the person who wore it.
4 What kind of person was the English king, Henry VIII? — Henry VIII was clever and kind. He was the strongest athlete, the best poet and his music touched the heart of every lady at court. He was a good husband and stood up for his wife when she couldn’t have children. When his daughter was born he became a loving father.
5 What was the only problem for Henry and his wife Catherine? — They didn’t have any children.
6 Who was finally born? — A girl was born.
Find in the story facts to support or contradict these statements. Найдите в истории факты, подтверждающие или опровергающие эти утверждения.
1 Henry VIII was a well educated man. — True
“He was the best poet and his music touched the heart of every lady at court.”
2 The King wasn’t handsome. — False
“He was eighteen and to my eyes he was the most handsome man in the world. Henry was tall and muscular. His golden hair shone in the sunlight and his merry blue eyes were kind and clever. He was the strongest athlete…”
3 Catherine of Aragon was a great beauty. — False
“I thought Princess Catherine was very lucky with her future husband. She was twenty-three, five years older than Henry, and not a great beauty.”
4 Henry loved his future wife. — True
He smiled all the time, and when he looked at his young bride Catherine everybody could see that he was really in love with her.
5 The future of Scotland was not very important for Edina. — False
Father looked at me and saw the understanding in my eyes. “Listen, Edina,” he said, “Listen carefully. If the King doesn’t meet the woman with long dark hair and six fingers on her hand, he WILL be happy with Catherine, but we can’t tell him about that. You know all about the ancient prophecy. For centuries we, the MacWizards, have been waiting for this chance. Now it’s time to act.”
6 Henry didn’t lose hope when he and his wife had problems. — True
“There was only one problem: Catherine couldn’t give Henry an heir to the throne. None of their children lived for longer than a month. Catherine was getting very depressed, but Henry didn’t lose hope.”
7 Henry didn’t like Anne Boleyn. — False
“A tall man came up to her and asked her to dance. His eyes were fixed on her, he didn’t notice anything around him. That moment I recognized the man. It was the King!”
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