Кауфман, 8. Unit 1. Lesson 2, 3. Homework. Рабочая тетрадь

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Copy the table into your exercise books and fill it in with the sentences from Ex. 7. Скопируйте таблицу в свои тетради и заполните ее предложениями из упр. 7.
Formal letter – Informal letter
Greeting: Dear Sir/Madam – Hi,…
Starting the letter: Thank you for your letter. – I haven’t heard from you for ages. It was great to hear from you. Thanks for your letter.
Closing the letter: I hope to hear from you soon. – Hope to hear from you soon. I’m sorry I have to stop now. Let’s keep in touch. Write soon! I look forward to hearing from you.
Ending the letter: Yours sincerely, – Best wishes, Alex
Fill in the gaps. Use on, over, up, back, away. Заполните пропуски. Используйте on, over, up, back, away.
1 Some people get up late every day.
2 What’s your news? How are you getting on?
3 My friend broke her leg last year. She soon got over it.
4 Mr Smart was very angry because he didn’t like to live in a little village, but he couldn’t get away.
5 Father went to Kaliningrad, but he promised to get back next week.
1 Mike and Tom have just phoned. How are they getting…?
2 I don’t like to get … early, к My friend is ill. She won’t get … it soon.
3 Why don’t you take a holiday? You need to get … .
Translate the sentences from Russian into English. Переведите предложения с русского на английский язык.
1 “Where is Mary?” — “She got а cold yesterday.”
2 When she gets over it/gets better we’ll go camping.
3 It’s getting dark. Take a torch.
4 “Where were you at 6 o’clock?” — “I couldn’t get through to you.”
5 “Will your friend get back on Wednesday?” — “Yes, he will.”
6 How is he getting on?
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