Кауфман, 8. Unit 1. Lessons 4, 5. Homework. Рабочая тетрадь

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Aqent Cute wrote a secret letter to Misha and Rob. It’s in Russian, that’s why only Misha can read it. There are a lot of mistakes in the letter. Translate the letter into English for Rob. Агент Кьют написал Мише и Робу секретное письмо. Оно написано по-русски, чтобы только Миша мог его прочитать. В письме много ошибок. Переведите письмо для Роба на английский язык.
Red Street, 10
January, 25
Dear Misha and Rob,
This is Agent Cute. I’m OK, but I think about you all tha time. Do you have any news? Have you found the book? I’ll get to you when you need my help.
Unfortunately, Boss is angry with me, but it is not true. I have made a mistake and I’ll correct it. I have no news.
I’m afraid I have to stop now. My mother has come. We’re going to have dinner.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Write soon. Let’s keep in touch.
Best wishes,
C помощью каких префиксов образованы эти слова? Переведите их на русский язык.
mispronounce — произнести неправильно
disconnect — отсоединить
irregular — необычный неправильный (глагол)
unusual — необычный
impossible — невозможный, невозможно
unfair — несправедливый
misprint — опечатка
uncomfortable — неудобный
indirect — косвенный (непрямой)
disappear — исчезать
impatient — нетерпеливый
а) Переведите на английский язык.
обычный, соединять, появляться, терпеливый, возможный, справедливый, удобный, прямой
b) Fill in the gaps with positive or negative forms of the words from the list.
1 Anna is happy with this result. If she gets the money and her husband gets the car. It’ll be … .
2 Our teacher is very …. He never shouts and is always ready to explain everything again.
3 These shoes are …. I can’t wear them.
4 I can’t find my keys. They always … when I need them.
5 I want to learn English in a month. — I’m sorry, but it is … .
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