Кауфман, 8. Unit 2. Lessons 3, 4. Homework. Рабочая тетрадь

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Use a sentence from box A and a sentence from box В to explain why people do/did/are going to do something. Найдите соответствие между предложениями в боксах А и В и объясните, почему люди, о которых идет речь в предложениях, делают/делали/собираются делать что-либо.
1 They’re going to Moscow to see Red Square.
2 We went to Egypt to swim in the Red Sea.
3 He has just called Lena to invite her to his birthday party.
4 They’re buying a tent to go camping.
5 I went to the shop for bread to help Mum.
6 The Browns went to the airport to meet their friend.
Rephrase the sentences. Use the expressions with make. Перефразируйте предложения. Используйте выражения с глаголом to take.
1 Не wants to become rich. — He wants to make a lot of money.
2 Have they decided where to go? — Have they made a decision/made up their minds where to go?
3 The children were crying loudly when I came. — The children were making a lot of noise when I came.
4 She was cooking when I phoned. – She was making a meal when I phoned.
5 Kate’s working hard and getting better. — Kate’s working hard and making progress.
1 You can do what you want, but you are wrong.
2 How are you? Have you got any new friends?
3 I hope Mary will go to the cinema with us. but I don’t want to insist.
Translate the sentences into English. Переведите предложения на английский язык.
1 Last week they bought a tent to go camping.
2 I have to visit Misha to help him.
3 They wanted to go to the shop to buy a present.
4 He came home to have dinner.
5 They made friends a year ago.
6 Why is everybody making noise? He has been making a report for two hours already.
7 Have you already made up your mind? — Not yet.
1 Они сдут домой, чтобы выгулять собаку.
2 Мне придется рано встать, чтобы закончить домашнюю работу.
3 Он пришел, чтобы дать совет.
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