Кауфман, 8. Unit 4. Lesson 6

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Choose the correct answer. Выберите правильный ответ.
1a) (Surprise, surprise! English takes only the second place.)
2a), 3c), 4a), 5b), 6b), 7a), 8b)
Russion has borrowed some words from other languages. In everyday life we use Turkish, German, French, Dutch, Greek and English words. Match the facts with the explanations. Русский язык заимствовал слова из других языков. В своей жизни мы постоянно используем турецкие, немецкие, французские, голландские, греческие и английские слова. Найдите соответствие между фактами и объяснениями.
1b), 2а), 3с), 4с), 5f), 6d)
Match the groups of Russian words with the languages from which they came. Найдите соответствие между группами русских слов и языками, из которых они были заимствованы.
1d), 2е), 3b), 4а), 5с), 6f)
Rob wants to learn Russian. He’s telling his friends why. Listen to his ideas and write down arguments against myth 1, myth 2 and myth 3. Роб хочет изучать русский язык. Он объясняет своим друзьям, почему он этого хочет. Послушайте его и запишите аргументы, опровергающие мифы 1, 2 и 3.
I think everybody should learn Russian.
Sometimes I hear that Russian has no future, because it is not a very popular language. That is so wrong! In fact Russian is the fifth most frequently spoken language in the world. Just listen to this statistic. Over 150 million people in the world speak Russian as their first language.
You will hear Russian in Russia, in the former(бывший) Soviet republics and in many areas in the USA, Israel, Germany and France.
In Soviet times about 120 million people in Eastern Europe and Asia learnt Russian as their second language.
People may say that Russian is very difficult, but I don’t agree.
The Russian language is not much harder than any other foreign language. The alphabet is different, but it is easy enough. After you learn the alphabet (which takes about a week), you will see that Russian spelling is not a problem at all. Believe me, reading and writing in Russian is easier than in English.
And finally, Russia has always been one of the richest countries in the world. And today it is an open, friendly country. That’s why a lot of Western companies are interested in Russia and Russian business is becoming international.
You shouldn’t forget that Russian scientists, writers and artists have always been world-famous. I think you should learn Russian just to be able to read Pushkin in the original language. Don’t you agree?
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