Кауфман, 8. Unit 4. Lessons 1, 2. Homework. Рабочая тетрадь

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When you do something, you do it for a reason. That’s your motivation. Look at different reasons why people learn English. Rewrite the sentences according to the model. Когда вы что-то делаете, вы делаете это по определенной причине. Это и есть ваша мотивация. Вот мотивы, по которым люди изучают английский язык. Перепишите предложения по образцу.
I learn English to study languages at university.
I learn English to be able to make friends in other countries.
I learn English to be an intelligent person.
I learn English to be able to travel all over the world and understand people everywhere.
I learn English to be the best student in my school.
Marianna Kaufman is one of the authors of this book. Read her story and answer the questions.
1 Why did Marianna learn English when she was little?
2 Did she have any motivation to do it?
3 What happened when Marianna was eleven?
4 Was she able to speak English well at that time?
5 What did she learn from that meeting?
6 What was Marianna able to do thanks (благодаря) to English?
7 What’s the situation in your village/lown/city like? Do you have a chance to use English?
8 What’s the main idea of Marianna’s story?
When I was little, I learned English to please my Mum. She told me that English was very important, but I didn’t understand why. We lived in a small town and I didn’t know anybody who I could speak English to. My family didn’t go on holidays abroad. We didn’t have any access to English books or films in the original language. When all my friends played outside, I had to stay at home and learn English. I thought it was very unfair.
When I was eleven, my family went to St Petersburg. We did some sightseeing and visited a lot of museums. When we were in the Hermitage, we met a group of American children who had come to visit Russia. T hat evening we met in the park and they told us about America, their life, their hobbies and school. Although I couldn’t understand everything. I was really thrilled. Our new friends were very interesting people. On one hand they were just like me, but on the other hand — they were different. Since then I started learning English with great interest. I understood how important it was to be able to speak a foreign language.
Years have passed since then. I’ve travelled to different countries, graduated from an English university and made friends all over the world. All in all it was a very good idea to learn English.
Match two parts of the dialogues. Найдите соответствие между частями диалога.
1b), 2d), 3f), 4а), 5е), 6с)
Вставьте в предложения глагол to look + необходимый предлог.
1 I can’t find Mary. I’ve been … her since morning.
2 Who does Ann …? — If you saw her father, you’ll recognize her easily.
3 When mother is at work our granny … us.
4 I have really missed my friend. I … to seeing him again.
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