Кауфман, 8. Unit 6. Lesson 1

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Express the same idea in a different way. Выразите ту же мысль по-другому.
1 Mother was promised a holiday. A holiday was promised to mother.
2 Kate is being shown a new flat now. A new flat is being shown to Kate.
3 We have already been shown this film. This film has already been shown to us.
4 Granny will be offered a ticket to the theatre. A ticket to the theatre will be offered to Granny.
5 I was told a joke. A joke was told to me.
6 Rob was sent a note. A note was sent to Rob.
7 Some food was left for her. She was left some food.
Express the same idea using two possible passive constructions. Выразите одну и ту же мысль с помощью двух конструкций в страдательном залоге.
1 The librarian offered him a very good book.
A very good book was offered to him by the librarian.
He was offered a very good book by the librarian.
2 Mother gives me fruit and sandwiches for lunch every day.
I am given fruit and sandwiches for lunch every day by my mother.
Fruit and sandwiches are given to me for lunch every day by my mother.
3 Peter told his children a lot of interesting things about wild animals.
A lot of interesting things about wild animals were told by Peter to his children.
Peter’s children were told lot of interesting things about wild animals.
4 Father promised them a dog.
A dog was promised to them by their father.
They were promised a dog by their father.
5 The newspaper paid Bill Gales a lot of money.
Bill Gates was paid a lot of money by the newspaper.
A lot of money was paid to Bill Gates by the newspaper.
6 A friend offered her help.
She was offered help by her friend.
Help was offered to her by her friend.
7 My grandmother gave me some very good advice.
Some very good advice was given to me by my grandmother.
I was given some very good advice bv my grandmother.
Listen to the conversation and answer the question: Why were books burned in the past? Прослушайте разговор и ответьте: почему в прошлом книги сжигали?
In the past books were often burned because someone decided that they contained dangerous ideas.
Read the conversation and mark the sentences below true or false. Support your answers with the facts from the dialogue. Прочитайте текст и отметьте, верны или нет утверждения, которые следуют ниже. Аргументируйте свои ответы, зачитывая информацию из текста.
1 Books are burned to destroy the national spirit. — True
2 Books are burned to make them popular. — False
3 Books are burned because people don’t like old ideas. — False
4 Nowadays books aren’t burned anymore. — False
5 Books that are worth burning are worth reading. — True
6 Books are burned because they wake people up. True
Answer the questions. Use the passive constructions. Ответьте на вопросы, используя страдательный залог.
1 Did Misha, Mark and Rob give the family manuscript to the librarian? Yes, they did. The manuscript was given to the librarian.
2 Did the librarian pay them for the manuscript? No, she didn’t. The manuscript wasn’t paid for.
3 Did Misha, Mark and Rob tell the librarian the truth about the book? No, they didn’t. The librarian wasn’t told the truth about the book.
4 Did the librarian send the book to the special collection? She didn’t do it straight away. First, but she was going to. I think that the book will be sent to the special collection.
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