Кауфман, 9. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Unit 1. Lesson 5. Упражнение 1

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Answer the questions using your active vocabulary.
I’m going to find a work of an engineer/ teacher/doctor/shop-assistant.
My duties are rather simple. I help my Mom around the house — I do some cleaning, wash the dishes, take the trash out, walk our dog.
Speaking the truth, my sense of duty is not very strong. However I understand that I have to help my parents.
I think so. Though sometimes I find I would skip my duties.
Surely everybody will agree that health is a more valuable possession.
Yes, I believe in justice.
Perhaps, equal opportunities mean that everybody should follow the same rules and laws, which are written in the Constitution of the country.
“Некоторые люди более равны, чем другие”.
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