Кузовлев 2 класс. Часть 2. Урок 43. Учебник.

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2) Peter Рan: I am brave! I’m smart! I can fly! I can hunt!
Wendy and her brothers: There are many caves on the island. There are many trees on the island. But are there any houses here?
Wendy: I’ve got two brothers. And I have got many friends. Peter Pan is my good friend. He’s smart, brave and joyful.
The lost boys: We aren’t brothers. We’re friends. We haven’t got mothers. But we’ve got Wendy!
John and Michael: She can’t fly! And we can’t fly!
1) 1 b); 2 a); 3 a); 4 a); 5 a).

2) 1 a); 2 d); 3 c); 4 b); 5 g); 6 f); 7 b).

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