Кузовлев 2 класс. Часть 2. Урок 55. Рабочая тетрадь.

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1) reading; 2) oranges; 3) owl; 4) cook¬ies.
2: Does he live on the island?
3: There’s big caves and pink flamingoes there.
4: He does not like reading.
5: He has got good friends.
6: Do they like fishing?
7: They can sing and dance very well.
Cinderella: She is a nice girl. She is kind. She’s got a stepmother and two stepsisters.
Ariel: She is a little mermaid. She is merry and friendly. She lives under the sea. She loves the prince.
Alice: She is a nice girl. She’s smart and joyful. She has got a father, a mother and two sisters.
Red Riding Hood: She is a little girl. She isn’t afraid of the big bad wolf. A brave little girl!
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