Кузовлев, 5, 2013. Учебник. Unit 4. Lesson 4

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У Клэр Дуглас и её семьи есть родственники в городе Обан в Шотландии. Когда Клэр в этом красивом морском порту, она всегда звонит своим друзьям.
2) Найдите:
что говорит Клэр о том, что они с семьёй делают обычно:
Clare: I swim in the sea. My uncle has got 2 horses; Jay rides a horse every morning. My dad likes fishing and he fishes. And every time I am in Oban, I go to A World in Miniature.
что говорят девочки о том, что они и их семьи делают в настоящий момент:
Clare: I am looking out of the window.
Jess: I am learning French verbs.
Jess: My dad and my brother are watching a football match. My mom is reading a magazine.
что говорит Джесс о том, что она делала с тех пор, как ей исполнилось 9 лет,
и что говорит Клэр о том, что она делала в течение 10 дней:
Jess: I have taken part in such competitions since I was 9.
Clare: Second, I have been in Oban for the past ten days and I like it here.
Работа в парах. Пол дома, а Оливер и их отец только что вернулись с футбольного матча. Они обсуждают разные вещи.
1) Найдите разговор Пола с Оливером и разговор Пола с его отцом.
Разговор Пола и Оливера:
Oliver: How are you doing, Paul?
Paul: I am bored.
Oliver: What are you doing then if you are bored?
Paul: I am listening to music. I have listened to it for an hour and I haven’t heard a single new melody. They are all the same.
Oliver: Then stop listening and find something else to do. Watch a DVD film, for example.
Paul: But we don’t have any new films. And all the old ones are boring.
Разговор Пола с отцом:
Paul’s father: We are at home at last.
Paul: How was the game?
Paul’s father: Our team won. They always win when they play against Pirates.
Paul: I like our team. They always play well. Paul’s father: I know you like it.
Paul: But do you know that two of my friends play on our team?
2) Дополните разговор между Полом и его отцом.
Paul: Oh, dad, I am sorry you didn’t take me to the match.
The father: Don’t be sorry, Paul. There will be many games in the future. What are you doing?
Paul: I listened to music and now I am doing my homework.
The father: That’s fine. What are you learning?
Paul: I am learning a poem. It’s so long!
The father: I know you don’t like long poems. Why don’t you choose a shorter poem?
Paul: It is not my choice. We always learn what our teacher wants us to. I think I know hundreds of poems! I have learned them since I started to talk!
The father: Oh, no, not really. I think you learn about five or six poems every year.
Paul: Do you remember any poem you learned at school?
The father: Well, I remember three or four poems at least.
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