Кузовлев, 5, 2013. Учебник. Unit 5. Lesson 5

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Работа в парах. Дети любят узнавать новое о праздниках в других странах. Найдите два разговора.
Первый разговор:
— What is your number one spring holiday?
— I like Easter best.
— Do you have some Easter traditions?
— Yes, we do. One of them is colouring eggs.
— Did you help your mum to colour eggs last year?
— Yes, I did. We were doing it together all evening. And did your parents put presents for you in the garden last year?
— Yes, they did. My sister and I were looking for them all morning.
Второй разговор:
— What holiday do children in your country like most of all?
— New Year, I think.
— Do you have some New Year’s traditions?
— Yes, we do. One of them is decorating the New Year’s tree.
— Did your parents buy a New Year’s tree for you last year?
— Yes, they did. And we were decorating it together all evening. And did you have a New Year’s party at school last year?
— We had a Christmas party. It was a wonderful party. We were dancing all evening.
Ролевая игра. Вы говорите с вашим британским другом. Дополните разговор.
Your friend: Do you celebrate Halloween in Russia?
You: No, we don’t. / Yes, we do. And is it your favourite holiday? / your number one holiday?
Your friend: Yes, I like Halloween very much, because it is a holiday for children.
You: How do you celebrate Halloween? / What do you usually do on Halloween night?
Your friend: We usually wear costumes of witches and ghosts and go to the people’s houses shouting “trick or treat!”
You: What costume were you wearing last Halloween?
Your friend: I was wearing a skeleton costume.
You: Did you like the holiday? / Did you enjoy yourselves?
Your friend: Yes, we did. We were telling ghost stories and playing games all evening.
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