Кузовлев, 5, 2013. Учебник. Unit 8. Lesson 4

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Олтен Тауэрз — тематический парк в Англии, Перед вами несколько особых событий Олтен Тауэрз Парка с комментариями Клэр.
4) Что Клэр написала о своём визите в Олтен Тауэрз Парк? Заполните пропуски словами и фразами из рамки.
I went to Alton Towers on Sunday. I was enjoying the best rides all day long. I was riding on the roller coaster for some minutes but I will remember it for all my life. Alton Towers has a long history. It was one of the first Chinese gardens in Britain between 1814 and 1827.
Now it is the largest theme park with more than 125 rides. A lot of children and grown-ups visit the park every day. It’s open from March to September. I’m going to go there again in October. They are having a Halloween Party and fireworks on 31 October.
В вашей культуре. В Москве есть большой парк развлечений — Парк имени Горького.
1) Что вы можете рассказать своим иностранным друзьям о нём? Заполните пропуски глаголами из рамки в правильной форме.
It is a great amusement park.
It is between Leninsky Prospekt and the Moskva River.
The first visitors came there on August 12th in 1928.
It is a lot of fun and entertainment there.
You can see an elephant family, a dinosaur, a talking monkey.
You can take part in a race, play in the children’s playground.
It is many rides for children and adults there.
You can take a ride around the Eiffel Tower or a horse ride.
In winter you can ice skate or ski.
Soon they are going to open a new Delta play ride for children from 3 to 12.
It will be open from 11 am to 10 pm.
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