Лапицкая, 4. Unit 6. Lesson 5

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1. C
2. D
3. B
4. E
5. F
6. A
Room В is Victor and Anna’s bedroom.
Room C is Alice’s room.
Room D is Pete and Alex’s room.
1. True
2. False. Anna is a teacher.
3. True
4. False. Jack is the oldest in the family.
5. False. There are two pupils in the family.
6. False. Jack doesn’t work.
1. Yes, there is. There is a computer in their living-room.
2. No, there isn’t. There isn’t a bookcase in the boys’ room. The bookcase is in Victor and Anna’s bedroom.
3. Yes, there is. There is a big mirror in Alice’s room.
4. No, there aren’t. There aren’t any lemon trees in their garden. There are ten apple trees in their garden.
5. Yes, there are. There is a dog in their house.
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