Лапицкая, 4. Unit 9. Lesson 7

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1. I’ve got a mum. Her name is … . She’s a teacher. I’ve got a dad. His name is … . He’s a businessman. I’ve got two grannies. Their names are … and…. I’ve got two granddads. Their names are … and … . I’ve got an aunt. Her name is …. She is a cook. I’ve got an uncle. His name is …. He’s a driver. I’ve got a brother. His name is … .
2. My friend’s name is Ann. She is nice and clever. She’s beautiful. She’s got short dark hair. She’s got brown eyes. She’s got a little mouth. She’s got a little nose. She can draw pictures. She can swim and skate. We go for a walk and play together. She’s a good friend.
3. I get up at six o’clock. I make my bed and do my exercises. Then I have breakfast. I usually have porridge and juice for breakfast. After breakfast I wash my face and hands, brush my teeth, get dressed and go to school. I get to school at 8 o’clock. Our lessons start at 8.15. I have lunch at school. I usually have soup, meat and potatoes for lunch. I drink tea. I come home from school at 2 o’clock. I do my homework and go for a walk. Then I watch TV or read a book. In the evening we have dinner together with my family. After dinner I help my mother to wash the dishes and tidy my room. I go to bed at 10 o’clock.
4. On my day off I usually get up at 9 o’clock. I watch TV and play computer games in the morning. In the afternoon I usually go to the park. I go there with my friends. I can walk there and play with my friends. In the evening I help my mother. I tidy my room and wash the floor. Then I go to bed.
5. I have got a pet. It’s a cat. Her name is Bella. I love my cat very much. She has grey hair, yellow eyes, a small nose and small ears. She is fluffy. Every morning Bella comes to me and helps me to get up. We go to the kitchen and I give her some food. She likes fish and meat. She likes milk too. Then I go to school. When I come home from school Bella is happy to see me. We play ball together. I throw a ball and Bella catches it. She likes to play very much. She runs very quickly and she likes to jump. Sometimes I take Bella for a walk. But she doesn’t like it. She is afraid of new people and dogs. In the evening I brush Bella. Then I go to bed. Bella sleeps in her cat house. I say good night to Bella. She is the pet of the family. She is very beautiful and friendly. She is great.
6. There are 3 rooms in my flat. There is a big living-room in my flat. It is the most popular room. We watch TV there together. There are two bedrooms in my flat: my parents’ bedroom and my bedroom. There is a hall in my flat. There is a bathroom and a kitchen too. My bedroom is next to my parents’ bedroom. I like my room. It is very nice. There is a bed, a table and a carpet in my room. I like to read books and
there is a bookcase in my room. There is a small wardrobe in my room too. There isn’t a TV in my room. When I want to watch TV I go to the living-room. There isn’t a computer in my room, but there is a computer in my parents’ bedroom. I like flowers, there are 3 flowers in my room. I tidy my room every Saturday.
7. My favourite clothes are jeans and T-shirts. I like them, because they are comfortable to wear. But I can’t wear jeans to school. I usually wear jeans for a walk or to a disco. At school I wear black trousers and a blouse (shirt). I also like smart clothes. My favourite dress is red. It’s new. It is expensive. I wear it to discos or parties.
8. I am a pupil of the fourth form. Our classes begin at 8.15. We go to school five days a week. Saturday and Sunday are our days off. There are many different subjects on our timetable. Children study Russian, Belarusian, Maths, Man and the World, Art, P.E., Technology and English. My favourite subject is English because I like our English teacher. We have English twice a week. At the lesson we read stories, act out dialogues, sing and play. After classes we often visit museums, theatres and cinemas and other famous and interesting places.
9. My birthday is on May 12. I usually have a birthday party at home. I usually invite my friends and schoolmates to my party. My mum makes a cake and a lot of tasty food. My relatives send me birthday cards. Some of the relatives came to my party. In the evening my friends come and give me presents. Then we eat and have a lot of fun. We play different games together. I like my birthday very much!
10. Twinky is from Twinkyland. He has a pet, Floppy. Twinky looks after his pet. Twinky has a mum, a dad, two sisters and a brother. Twinky likes Mike and Liz. Twinky likes flowers. Twinky’s birthday is on March 10. Twinky is going to open an amusement park in Twinkyland. He invites Mike and Liz to Twinkyland.
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