Лапицкая, 5. Unit 3. Lesson 5

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A – называем предмет в первый раз.
The – называем предмет во второй или третий раз.
страница 54
Took a dog
Ran after the monsters
Climbed a tree
Hid in a box
Found the tree
Started barking
Had an idea
Said “Miaow”
Thought “It’s a cat”
Went away
Found the box
Started barking again
Said: “Squeak, I’m a mouse”
Opened the box
Saw Moldy
Took the camera
Ran away
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Yesterday the two monsters attacked a reporter in the park. The monsters took his camera and went away. The reporter saw a policeman and asked him to help him. The policeman took a dog and ran after the monsters. Rotty climbed a tree and Moldy hid in a box. The dog found the tree and started barking. Suddenly Rotty had an idea. He said “Miaow”. The policeman thought “It’s a cat” and went away. Then the dog found the box and started barking again. Moldy said “Squeak, I’m a mouse”. The policeman opened the box and saw Moldy there. The policeman took the camera. Moldy ran away.
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