Лапицкая, 5. Unit 9. Lesson 7

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1. Liz is Nikita’s friend. Liz is a very kind girl. She helps Nikita and Elfin. Liz has got a sister and a brother. Their names are Ken and Nikky. Liz and Mike are friends.
2. Mike is Nikita’s friend. Mike and Liz are friends too. Mike lives in Great Britain. He is a schoolboy. Mike has got a dog. Its name is Lucky. Lucky is a very clever dog. Mike helps Elfin to find the pearls.
3. Elfin is an elf. He is from the Elf’s Kingdom. He is the King’s son. He came to Great Britain to get seven pearls from his father’s crown. He met Liz and Mike. They became friends. Liz and Mike helped Elfin to find the pearls.
4. I like travelling. I usually travel by plane because it’s the fastest way of travelling. My most interesting trip was the trip to Egypt. I went there by plane. I went there last summer. I went to Egypt with my parents. We stayed in a hotel. The weather was hot. We swam, sunbathed and played beach volleyball. In the evenings we went to a disco. We also went to see the Pyramids. My trip was very interesting.
5. The children found the first pearl at the Dinosaur Museum. They went to the Dinosaur Museum last Friday. They saw a lot of dinosaurs there. They found a strange tooth – it was the first pearl.
6. Doctor: Good morning. Please, sit down.
Patient: Thank you, doctor.
Doctor: What’s the matter?
Patient: I’ve got a runny nose and I’m very cold.
Doctor. Let me see. Open your mouth, please.
Patient: A-a-a
Doctor. Let me take your temperature. I see. You’ve got a cold. You should stay in bed and take these pills.
Patient: Thank you, doctor.
Doctor: Come to see me on Tuesday.
Patient: OK. Goodbye, doctor.
7. Elfin and his friends went to the Superquiz. The Tree Monsters went to the Superquiz too. Elfin and his friends answered some questions. Then they got the prize. It was the second pearl. They were very happy.
8. If you want to be healthy you should eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. There are a lot of vitamins in them. You should eat cheese and drink milk. It is good for your teeth and bones. You should eat meat. It helps to build your body. Bread is also good for us. It gives us energy. You shouldn’t eat many sweets. You can have a toothache. You shouldn’t watch much TV. It is bad for your eyes. You shouldn’t play many computer games. You can have a headache. You shouldn’t eat many crisps. It is bad for your health. You should do sports.
9. Elfin went to the supermarket with his friends. On his way there we saw the Tree Monsters. They took Santa’s bag. There were ten crackers in the bag. The Tree Monsters pulled the crackers. In one of the crackers there was the pearl. Elfin caught it. Now he’s got three magic pearls.
10. Excuse me sir! How can I get from the school to the nearest supermarket?
It’s not far away. Go along High Street over the bridge. Then turn left at the traffic lights. Go straight ahead. Go past the post office. The supermarket is opposite the cafe.
Thank you!
You are welcome.
11. The children played the Good Health game. Elfin is healthy. He leads a healthy way of life. He takes a shower every day. He eats healthy food and he does sports. He answerd some questions and got the prize. It was the fourth pearl.
12. My favourite animals are cats. Cats are pets, people keep them at home. They eat meat and special food for cats. Cats can be different colours. Some cats are white, some are black. There are black cats with white spots and white cats with black spots. I prefer grey and fluffy cats. Cats don’t like water, they can’t swim. But they can run and they like to play very much. They like to run after a ball or a toy mouse. Cats are very funny and you can pat them. But they don’t live long. I think they live 25 years. People like cats and they look after them.
13. What about going to Australia?
That’s a good idea! We can see interesting animals there.
We can go there by plane.
Why not? Planes are very fast.
14. Elfin and his friends went to a farm. The Tree Monsters went there too. The Tree Monsters went to the Hen House. They saw a lot of hens and chickens there. They were hungry and ate a lot of eggs. Suddenly they saw a big hen. It was a rooster. The rooster didn’t like Rotty and Moldy. It pecked them. The monsters ran away and the rooster ran after them. Elfin and the children met in the hen house. They found the fifth pearl in a nest. The monsters didn’t find it. The children were happy.
15. Elfin and the children were in a very interesting and beautiful land. They had a magic map. The map helped them to come to this land. They saw a lot of animals there: lions, koalas, tigers and penguins. The penguins could fly. The sharks in this land were very kind. They could play with them. They saw the chief of this land. He wore a magic pearl around his neck. He asked them to give him the map. They gave him the map and he gave them the magic pearl. He told them how to get home. They said “Good bye” and flew away.
16. My favourite TV programme is “Who Wants to Become a Millionaire?” It’s a quiz show for adults. My parents like this show too. People answer different questions there. They have four answers and they choose the correct one. People get money for their answers. The show is on at 7p.m. on Saturday. It’s exciting!
17. Last summer I was in the country. I was there at my granny’s. I was there with my brother (sister). The weather was hot. There were a lot of apple trees in my granny’s garden. There were swings near the house. I played on the
swings every day. It was not hot in the wood. It was cool under the trees. We went to the wood. We picked mushrooms and berries there. The berries were very tasty.
18. New Year is my favourite holiday. We celebrate this day on January 1st. We decorate the Christmas tree with lights, tinsel and ornaments. We invite guests and cook a lot of tasty food. We eat roast chicken, potatoes and salads. At midnight we pull crackers. Then we go to the park. In the park people sing and dance. We watch fireworks and go home. In the morning I get presents.
19. The pirates attacked the children’s ship. But Elfin flew away and saved Liz and Mike. They found the pirate’s chest. The children opened it and found a lot of gold there. They found the seventh pearl in the pirate’s chest.
20. I like travelling. Most of all I like travelling by plane. It is rather expensive but travelling by plane is the fastest method of travelling. Travelling by plane is very comfortable too. It is more comfortable than travelling by plane. You can see clouds through the plane window. It is interesting.
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