Несвит, 5. Introduction. Lesson 1

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Places: a hotel, a supermarket, a cafe
Sport: football, tennis, basketball
Transport: a taxi, a bus, a trolley-bus, an automobile
Food and Drinks: a hamburger, a hot dog, chips
Technology: a radio-set, the Internet, a computer
Clothing: shorts, a cap, a jacket, jeans
с) I have got a computer in my room.
Yesterday my Mum bought me new jeans.
My friend doesn’t like hamburgers, he likes chips.
I go to school by bus.
Peter likes to play football after the lessons.
1. I have got an idea.
2. I have got a good idea.
3. His father works in an office.
4. We are in a hurry. Let’s take a taxi.
5. An hour has sixty minutes.
6. Her mother works at a university.
7. Is he a healthy person?
1. I see fifteen desks in this classroom.
2. We need some more chairs.
3. I need some information.
4. I need some help with my homework.
5. We are hungry. Let’s buy some sandwiches.
6. I’m hungry. I would like some food.
7. The books are on the bookshelves.
8. We had hot weather last summer.
1. Kyiv and Kharkiv are big cities.
2. There are three shelves in my bookcase.
3. My aunt has two small children.
4. There are five women and four men in this room.
5. Our teacher doesn’t give us a lot of homework.
6. Children like to play with toys.
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