Несвит, 5. Introduction. Lesson 2

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The boy’s name is Tim Chang.
The girl’s name is Alice Young.
The girl is American.
She is from New York, the USA.
The boy goes to school in Kyiv.
1. a) — Good morning, Miss Banks.
— Good morning. Are you a new pupil in my class?
— Yes. My name is Oleh Petrenko.
— Where are you from, Oleh?
— I am from Ukraine. I’m Ukrainian.
— Nice to meet you, Oleh. Welcome to London.
— Thank you. Nice to meet you, too.
b) – Hello!
— Hello! are you a new pupil?
— Yes, I am. I am from Ukraine.
— I am a pupil, too! What is your name?
— My name is Dmytro Sotnyk. And what is your name?
— My name is Ben Davis. Are you Ukrainian, Dmytro?
— Yes, I am Ukrainian.
— Nice to meet you.
— I’m glad to meet you, too.
— Hello, everybody! I am a new pupil in your class. This is my first school day in England. My name is Taras. My surname is Ivanchenko. I am ten years old. I am Ukrainian. I live in Kyiv. Our city is big and beautiful.
— It is a nice party. I like it. Do you like it Ann?
— Yes, it is nice. Can you help me Kate?
— Certainly. What is the matter?
— Help me to get acquainted with that girl.
— OK. Jane, meet Ann. She came from Ukraine.
— Hi, Ann. Nice to meet you.
— Hello, Jane. Nice to meet you, too.
1. d. Hello, Bill!
2. f. Hi, Jack! How are you?
3. b. I’m OK. And you?
4. e. Fine, thanks. Jack, this is Sue. Sue, this is Jack.
5. c. Hi, Sue! Nice to meet you.
6. a. Hello, Jack! Nice to meet you, too.
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