Несвит, 5. Introduction. Lesson 4

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b) 1. Sue went back to school on the first of September.
2. They have a new computer room.
3. The girl is good at learning English.
4. She wears a uniform.
1. John is very good at writing short stories.
2. They are listening to a story at the moment.
3. Miss Alison works at school and teaches the children English.
4. Jane is cutting pictures for the project now.
5. My sister is very good at reciting poems.
6. I don’t know how to start a conversation in English.
7. Does your brother learn English quickly?
8. Tom can’t do this crossword because he does not know new words.
Possible answers.
1. Yes, I enjoy studying at school.
2. This year I study Mathematics, Ukrainian, Russian, Music, English, Arts.
3. English / Ukrainian / Mathematics is my favourite subject.
4. Our teacher is nice and beautiful.
5. I like to read and do sums.
6. I usually spend two hours on my homework.
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