Несвит, 5. Introduction. Lesson 5

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b) Mrs Rowling is from Australia. She lives in Canberra. She is Australian. She speaks English.
Mr Petrov is from Russia. He lives in Moscow. He is Russian. She speaks Russian.
I am from Ukraine. I live in Kyiv. I am Ukrainian. I speak Ukrainian.
Possible answers.
1. I know three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.
2. I started learning English three years ago.
3. I can understand English well.
4. I can read and write English a little.
5. In class I like to read texts, learn new words, listen to poems and songs and reproduce them.
6. I learn English to speak to people from different countries, to go and see different countries.
7. No, I didn’t go to an English-speaking country. / Yes, I visited Great Britain last year.
8. No, I don’t have a pen-friend from an English-speaking country. / Yes, I have a pen-friend form an English-speaking country.
9. You can read English book and watch English cartoons to learn English better.
10. I read and learn new words. I write them down into my vocabulary. Then I read a text and translate it or answer the questions. I learn new grammar rules and do exercises.
1) — Do you know English?
— Yes. I can understand English well. I can read and speak English a little.
2) — What is the English for “ластик”?
— It is a “rubber”.
— Thank you.
— You are welcome.
3) — Your English is very good. Where did you learn it?
— Thank you. I learned it at school. We have English lessons four times a week.
— Do you speak English at home?
— Yes, sometimes I speak English with my sister.
4) — Sorry, I don’t understand fast speech. Can you speak a little slower?
— Yes, certainly.
— Thanks a lot.
5) — You speak English very well.
— Oh, thank you.
— Where did you learn English?
— I started learning English at school three years ago. And last summer I was in Great Britain. I spoke English to native speakers.
1. Ivan reads English fast, but I read English slowly.
2. Which languages do you understand? — I understand English and German a little.
3. Olha lives in France, but she doesn’t speak French well.
4. Does he live in China? — Yes, he does. His native language is Chinese.
5. Where did he go last summer? Could he understand the language people spoke there?
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