Несвит, 5. Introduction. Lesson 6

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1. Ann and her brother go / are going to the same school.
2. What are they doing? — I think they study / are studying.
3. Sandy doesn’t wcar / isn’t wearing his school uniform at the moment.
4. I never go / ‘am going to school on Saturdays.
5. They usually have / are having lunch at school.
The children played games at the English Lesson yesterday.
The children read and wrrote at the English Lesson yesterday.
The children worked in pairs at the English Lesson yesterday.
Kim gets to school by bus every day. The journey takes about an hour, and she usually comes to school in time. She says, “I sometimes read in the bus, and that makes the journey more interesting. I am doing a project at school about the weather, at the moment, so I’m very busy. Today it is raining, so all the people in the bus are wearing raincoats. Drops of water fall on my book! However, I like travelling by bus”.
Nouns: centre, uniform, journey, mistake
Verbs: buy, wear, forget, leave, decide
Adjectives: busy, famous, wrong, interesting, favourite
Jane is interested in history. She says, “I think it’s a very interesting subject. We are learning about events in different countries of the world. Last week we made a map of Ukraine in the 14th century, and we watched a film about Kyiv in those days”.
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