Несвит, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 11

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1. Ronald Morgan dropped his pencil.
2. Ronald ate Jimmy’s sandwich by mistake.
3. Ronald missed the ball.
4. Ronald watered the plants.
5. Miss Tyler gave Ronald Morgan a note.
1. First he dropped his pencil, he wanted to pick it up and the children laughed at him. Then he ate Jimmy’s sandwich by mistake. After that he missed the ball and the team lost the game. Then he watered the flowers and knocked the pot off the window-sill.
2. Miss Tyler gave him a note and promised that they would make the next day happy for him.
3. I thought that Miss Tyler was a very kind and understanding woman.
4. Yes, Ronald’s next day will be better.
1. Yesterday was Monday.
2. It was a difficult day.
3. I had six lessons.
4. The lessons started at half past eight.
5. I came to school at eight o’clock and we talked to each other before the lessons.
6. I had lunch in the school canteen.
7. The lessons were interesting yesterday.
8. I came home at two o’clock in the afternoon.
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