Несвит, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 2

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1. Steve’s school is in the country. False.
2. There is a large playground in front of the school building. False.
3. There are some specialized classrooms in Steve’s school. True.
4. There is a good library in Steve’s school. True.
5. There are many English Studies in Steve’s school. True.
6. The boy enjoys his school life. True.
В. 1. Shall I read the text?
C. 2. Shall we pass out the tests?
D. 3. Shall I answer in writing?
A. 4. Shall we work in groups?
1. Where is the Headmaster’s Office in your school?
2. Do you often go to the nurse’s room?
3. There is a large computer study in our school.
4. You can find Miss Alison in the Staff Room.
5. Did you leave your coat in the cloakroom yesterday?
6. Sue goes to the school library every week.
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