Несвит, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 4

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b) Oscar likes English and Music.
He likes History, Computer Studies and Art, too. He has these subjects on Tuesday and lie says that this is his favourite day. His favourite subject is PT.
Oscar doesn’t like Maths and Nature Studies. He has these subjects on Monday morning and he says that it’s terrible. Oscar doesn’t like German and says that that is why Thursday is difficult.
1. Oscar goes to school in England.
2. Oscar has six lessons a day.
3. He studies thirteen subjects this year.
4. His favourite day is Tuesday.
5. Oscar’s favourite subject is PT.
English interesting
Maths difficult
History useful
Ukrainian important
PT easy
Nature boring
Art fun
Is English boring? — No, it isn’t. It is interesting.
Whish subject is easy? — I think, PT is.
Is Ukrainian important? — Yes, it is important.
Which subject is useful? — It seems to me, History is useful. Is Nature Study fun? — No, it isn’t. It is boring.
Is Maths easy? — No, it isn’t. It is difficult.
Which subject is fun? — I think, Art is.
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