Несвит, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 6

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1. Oscar studies at Colchester Royal Grammar School. I agree.
2. Oscar was happy to get the photos of a Ukrainian school. I agree.
3. Oscar goes to school for boys and girls. No, I don’t agree.
4. The children don’t wear a school uniform in Oscar’s school. No, I don’t agree.
5. Most pupils wear black suits. No, I don’t agree.
6. Many pupils have their lunch at school. I agree.
1. What subjects do you study at school? — We study Maths, English, Ukrainian, Literature, History and other subjects at school.
2. Do boys and girls go to your school? — Yes, boys and girls go to my school.
3. Do you wear a school uniform? — Yes, the pupils of our school wear school uniform.
4. Where do you have lunch? — We have lunch at a school canteen.
5. How many English lessons do you have every week? — We have three English lessons a week.
6. What is your favourite subject at school? — English is my favourite subject at school.
The first lesson starts at ten minutes past nine.
The second lesson starts at twenty minutes to ten.
The third lesson starts and a quarter past ten.
The fourth lesson starts at a quarter to eleven.
The fifth lesson starts at twenty-five to twelve.
The sixth lesson starts at five minutes after twelve.
The seventh lesson starts at twenty-five minutes to two.
The eighth lesson starts at five minutes past two.
The ninth lesson starts at twenty to three.
The tenth lesson starts at ten past three.
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