Несвит, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 8

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b) 1. There are two kinds of soup on the menu. Agree.
2. The vegetable soup costs thirty pence. Disagree.
3. There are no desserts on the menu. Disagree.
4. A drink of diet pepsi costs fifty pence. Disagree.
5. There is ice-cream on the menu. Disagree.
6. The food on the menu is healthy. Agree.
— How much is the chicken?
— It costs 50 pence.
— How much does the apple pie cost?
— It costs 50 pence.
— How much does the salad cost?
— It costs 1 pound and 25 pence.
— How much is milk?
— It’s thirty pence.
1. A: May I help you?
B: Yes. I’d like a mushroom soup, please.
A: What kind of salad would you like?
B: I’ll have the tomato and cucumber salad.
A: Anything to drink?
B: Yes. I’ll have apple juice.
2. A: I’d like a ham and cheese sandwich, please.
B: What do you want on it?
A: Ketchup, please.
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