Несвит, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 9

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b) School orchestra
Drama Club
School newspaper
Sports Club
Arts and Crafts Club
Piano classes
School choir
Literature Club
Nature Study Club
1. You can join our school choir. You sing so well.
2. Look at this nice drawing. Helen is such a smart girl.
3. I think she can play the leading role in this play. She is so pretty.
4. He is a good writer. His stories are so interesting.
5. Miss Alison is such a busy person. She always has a lot of things to do.
6. Computer skills are so useful nowadays.
1. The Literature Club meets every Tuesday and Friday. When does the Literature Club meet??
2. Our school choir is performing a new programme. What is our school choir performing?
3. We wrote articles for our school newspaper last week. What did you write last week?
4. My sister attended the piano classes last year. What did your sister attended last year?
5. There is the Literature Club in our school. Is there the Literature Club in your school?
6. Many girls visit the Arts and Crafts Club in our school. What do many girls visit in our school?
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