Несвит, 5. Unit 2. Lesson 3

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b) One girl is tall and another girl is short. One girl’s hair is short and another girl’s hair is long.
One boy is fat and heavy and another boy is thin and skinny.
One boy’s hair is straight and his friend’s hair is curly.
One man is young and another man is old.
One woman is pretty and another woman is ugly.
One man is handsome and another man is ugly.
b) 1. Molly will have a birthday party next week.
2. Ann will be an ugly witch who wants to steal Molly’s presents.
3. Steve will be a big tall monster.
4. To look old and ugly, Ann has to put an ugly mask on her face.
5. The girls will make Steve’s hair stand up in spikes.
6. Molly will laugh at the funny costumes!
It was Molly’s birthday party. The children did not forget to put on their costumes. Steve dressed up as a monster. Jane came as a princess with a golden crown. Suddenly someone switched the lights off. It was so dark that nobody could see anything. Then the ugly witch appeared. She took Molly’s presents. The monster had to fight with a witch. Molly laughed and said, “Do you think I am seared? No, I am not! Let’s play some more games!” The children had a very good time.
The girl in a red dress is little. She is pretty. Her hair is short and straight. The man in a yellow T-shirt is very tall. He is thin and skinny. His hair is dark. It is short and straight.
The woman in a pink dress is young. She is beautiful. Her hair is fair. It is not very long. It is curly.
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